Three Ingredient Khus Khus Barfi (Poppy Seeds Fudge)


Three ingredient posat barfi is perfect balance of nutty and sweet. Quick, easy, nutrient packed. An amazing fasting and feasting recipe

This three ingredient Poppy Seeds Fudge or Khus Khus Barfi is what we fondly call chocolate barfi. It doesn’t have anything remotely cocoa or chocolately except the color and the sweetness. Lol. We make it on the occasion of Jamashtami (Birth of Lord Krishna).

Three ingredients in this Khus Khus barfi are Khas Khas (or Posat or Poppy Seeds), Mawa or Khoya and Sugar.

Poppy Seeds are rich in calcium, dietary fiber. They are full of micro-nutrients like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese and low in sodium and cholesterol. No wonder this is a popular fasting recipe. You need all the energy and an excuse to eat the goodies while fasting. That’s why have it on your next Vrat or all the Vrats from now on.

It has a nutty, toasty flavour from the roasted poppy seeds and slightly sweet. The amount of sugar that I have used is bare minimum. Don’t think of skimping on the sugar part else the barfi/ fudge would taste bitter. On the other hand, you may easily increase the sweetener upto double the specified quantity.

If you are still concerned about your sugar intake, even after using the bare minimum quantity specified, in this three ingredient Khus Khus Barfi- I have two suggestions for you. First one- replace refined sugar with healthier alternatives say coconut sugar, unrefined sugar, palm sugar, etc (Let me know how it turned out for you) and the other portion control- cut it up in smaller pieces!!!

Khoya and Its Alternatives

Khoya or Mawa is made by simmering the milk slowly. It is simmered till all the moisture evaporates thereby reducing to solid. I have used a store-brought Khoya. If you don’t have Khoya available, a detailed list of alternatives can be found here. Don’t forget to comment and update me about the alternative that worked for you.

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Poppy Seeds Fudge or Khus Khus Barfi

Three ingredient Khus Khus barfi is perfect balance of nutty and sweet. Quick, easy, nutrient packed. An amazing fasting and feasting recipe
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • Thick Bottomed Pan or Non Stick Pan
  • Mixer Grinder


  • 100 gm Poppy Seeds (Posat or Khus Khus)
  • 100 gm Sugar Can be increased upto 200 gm
  • 200 gm Evaporated Milk Solids Khoya or Mawa


  • Clean the Khus Khus well, as required.
    100 gm Poppy Seeds
    Cleaned khus khus
  • Dry roast on low flame till it starts popping (about 10 minutes). See the color of roasted seeds (bottom part) as compared to the unroasted (top)
    100 gm Poppy Seeds
    Comapring the color of roasted and unroasted poppy seeds
  • Cool and grind it as fine as possible. It would release its natural oil and would be coarse paste rather than a powder. The grey color of the roasted seeds turn magically into the deep chocolate color that we want. Set it aside and wonder how did it happen.
    100 gm Poppy Seeds
    Rasoted and grinded poppy seeds
  • In a thick bottomed pan or non-stick pan, roast mawa or khoya till oil appear from the sides. Don't brown it. Move to the next step just when it starts to leave the sides. It takes less than 10 minutes.
    200 gm Evaporated Milk Solids
    Roast the mawa just till it leaves the sides
  • Add Sugar and let it melt.
    100 gm Sugar
    Adding sugar to the roasted mawa
  • When it is done, turn off flame. Add the ground Khus Khus (Poppy seeds) into the pan and mix well.
    Add ground roasted khus khus and mix well
  • Quickly set the mixture in a greased tray and let it cool and cut into desired shape.
    Three ingredient khus khus Barfi cut into pieces
  • Garnish with dry fruits and serve


Khoya or Mawa is dried evaporated milk solids. the milk is slowly simmered in a large iron kadai, till all its moisture evaporates and it reduces to solids.
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
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