Full Moon

In this cloudy sky, I see you with a magnificent halo of white, yellow and orange, This violet sky with grey cloud cover is illuminated by your beauty, oh full moon. And that lonely star- is it running with you, against you or just accompanying you? Perhaps that star too is starstruck by your beauty , just as we mortals are.

The clouds are rushing by and it seems that you are running along with but where are you hurrying to? When I gaze at you, it seems that you are hurrying past yet standing fixed on your spot. Who can move freely yet stay at the same place like yourself?

The silence of the night is calming instead of the usual eerie. The cool breeze giving the signal of onset of winters!

Dear Full moon, you are splendid, powerful, peaceful, radiant, mesmerising- Thank you for coming out of the cloud cover and showing me your full glory and hope.

Stay in my heart with all of your powers and show me the way when I digress.

PS: This is a journal entry that I wrote on Sharad Poornima and posted here on whim. If you have read it this far, I really appreciate it. Can you spare a few moments to share your thoughts below? While you are here, do check out the written recipes on the blog. I am most active on Insta and can be found on FB too!

Photo Courtesy: iamdesignerr, check out his awesome collection here.

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